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The company has been the industry leader in the concrete renovation market for over 20 years. Company owns several Trademarks and US Patents. Principle of the company is ACI certified by the American Concrete Institute and is considered an expert in the concrete renovation market. There are billions of square feet of old ugly looking concrete just looking to be restored with anyone of our four systems. What sets us aside from competition we do it right On-Site Training so you truly learn the systems, along with 7,500 customized mailers to get you jobs.

“Here are the top reasons why Redeckit is an industry leader”

  • Complete Patented Equipment package
  • Our company trainer will work with you for one week
  • Training Materials are included
  • Exclusive Territory of 250,000
  • We mail 7,500 customized six panels into your zip codes
  • Ongoing discounts on materials
  • Web-site use
  • Company has been manufacturing these systems for 20 years
  • Redeckit supplies corporate brochures, sample boards, DVD, and color charts
  • Tech services by company trainers 7 days week

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