About Us

P. Michael Fennessy

Re-Deck-It founder and owner

He has established a solid foundation with concrete certainty. P. Michael Fennessy is truly a pioneer in the world of decorative concrete paving and resurfacing. His innovation, hard work and extensive experience place him on a completely different plateau in his profession.

Fennessy has made his mark not only in the United States, but on a global scale as well. He has registered trademarks in nearly 50 countries and U.S. patents for equipment that has transformed the world of decorative concrete paving. He has also developed several systems for concrete resurfacing that have revolutionized the industry. Fennessy has devoted his life to keeping his pulse on the needs of his customers. One of his major goals is to develop systems that are user friendly and easy to install.

Even those without “do-it-yourself” experience can tackle it. All customers need to do is mix and place. A true professional, Fennessy eliminates all risk factors to customers by blending high-strength cement, aggregates, proprietary fillers, polymers, and color into every pail produced. Fennesy’s journey began in the late-1970s when he first became initiated into the art of developing state-of-the-art decorative resurfacing systems in South Florida. He hasn’t stopped since. He has been innovating and gaining valuable experience for over four decades from his headquarters in Upstate New York.

His flourishing Re-Deck-It business continues a tradition of excellence firmly established by Stampcrete International Ltd., known throughout the world as a pace setter in high-quality decorative paving. The company has more than 900 dealers in over 33 countries. It is regarded as the world leader in the manufacturing of concrete stamping tools, integral colors, color hardeners, colored release agents and etching stains, sealers and reinforcing fibers, all used in the placement of decorative stamped concrete. Fennessy’s relentless pursuit of excellence has made him a major force on the decorative paving scene for over 40 years. His motivation is the enjoyment he derives from inventing new systems for the decorative concrete industry, and also developing and patenting new stamping tool set designs that set his companies apart from others.

A U.S. military veteran, Fennessy has focused efforts on hiring U.S. war veterans who have made endless sacrifices around the globe.
Fennessy is certified through the American Concrete Institute. To say he is a leader is his field is an understatement. Fennessy has become accustomed to competitors who merely follow his approach while he is busy innovating for the next level.

Not only are high-quality products and outstanding customer service guaranteed, but same-day shipping is the norm. When valued customers choose the Re-Deck-It system for their home or business, they are firmly preserving the very foundation they stand on. After the Re-Deck-It experience, concrete surfaces double in pounds-per-square-inch strength. The Re-Deck-It system is for those who want to add beauty and value to their unsightly and drab concrete surfaces in a cost-effective way. Re-Deck-It is for those who not only want to beautify their surroundings, but want to do it in a quality and first-class way.

Re-Deck-It features three dealership options, all affordable and all high quality. Whether choosing the bronze, silver or gold package, dealers are guaranteed a professional buying experience as well as the ability to deliver to clients home beauty for years to come. On every resurfacing system Fennessy has developed, he ensures that his product is capable of enduring in any climate, including those areas that feature drastic freeze-thaw swings. Competitors from the Sunshine State or the West Coast cannot make that same claim.

Like his saying goes, “If it works in Syracuse, N.Y., it is over-engineered for Atlanta.”